What We Do
& Why We Do It

A&M private equity-focused professionals understand the “pace of play” in private equity and prioritize the key areas of improvement that will positively impact EBITDA at the portfolio company level. Because we understand the unique opportunity for growth in the finite time frame of private equity funds ownership, we engage in portfolio company transactions at every stage — mergers and acquisitions, carve-outs, bolt-ons and divestitures.

Our Core Values


Core Value - Integrity

Never let financial gain compromise integrity

Personal Reward

Core Value - Personal Reward

Perform interesting work with interesting people and achieve results that matter


Core Value - Quality

Always value quality people and quality work

Inclusive Diversity

Core Value - Diversity

Embrace diversity, foster inclusiveness and reward merit


Core Value - Objectivity

Do your homework before you form conclusions


Core Value - Fun

Like what you do and with whom you do it

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Leadership to me is about connection and curiosity. When we can find the common ground, listen without bias and encourage our professionals to share their ideas, we build trust and unity.

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Julianne Pressman

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Inclusive Diversity

A&M PEPI’s Inclusive Diversity embodies our commitment to our most valued asset, our people. Embracing diversity and fostering an inclusive work environment are the cornerstones of what we do: provide sustainable results for our clients by investing in the best talent. PEPI is committed to ensuring that the unique attributes of our people are valued, leveraged, and nurtured to bring richness to our work and deliver the highest quality to our PE clients.

Focus Areas: Recruitment, Education and Empowerment, Retention and Promotion

Team Moments

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