Jeffrey Klein - Managing Director

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Providing Hands-On Leadership, Identifying Opportunities that Reduce Cost and Increase IT Efficiency

Tech PI: SaaS and Software

Tech PI: SaaS and Software

We help our clients assess and optimize operations SaaS and Business Service companies across the lifecycle

Value Creation Levers

  • Cost of Service
    • Customer Lifecycle
      • Onboarding / Provisioning
      • Support and success
      • Billing / Revenue recognition
    • Production (Hosting) operations
  • Sales and Marketing
    • Customer retention / Churn analysis Salesforce productivity
    • Demand generation and conversion analysis (CAC, CAC Payback Period)
    • Productivity and metrics
    • Hunting vs Farming
    • Up-sell / Cross-sell
  • Research and Development
    • Product Portfolio Assessment
    • Roadmap review, mix and alignment to business growth strategy
    • Technology and architecture, technical debt management
    • Agile Development methodologies
  • General and Administration
    • Implement enhanced spending controls, approval processes and ongoing reviews
    • Delayer organization and increase supervisor / management leverage

IT Big Bets / Implementation Rescue

IT Big Bets / Implementation Rescue

More than ever before front and back office applications are critical to a portfolio company’s success providing essential data, operation support and insights… Or hindering them.

IT Big Bets – Clients choose A&M to pre-empt issues and deliver complex, high risk, systems initiatives:

  • Assessments and roadmaps
  • Vendor selections and negotiations
  • Project structuring and kick-off
  • Carve-outs and integrations
  • Process / System optimization
  • System consolidations

Implementation Remediation – Client’s call us when IT initiatives are over budget / overdue, under performing or crippling the business:

  • Stabilize failing implementations
  • Resolve data / reporting issues / discrepancies
  • Address inventory inconsistencies
  • Demystify development project budget and status
  • Sort out integration issues and hang overs
  • Separate and remediate process, training, implementation, and functionality issues
  • Evaluate and recalculate estimates to complete
  • Assess and address likelihood of success

RPA Services

RPA Services

Offering aims to identify and execute automation opportunities across the transaction lifecycle


  • Assess RPA Potential
    • During IT and Operational Due Diligence
    • During Carve-out and Synergy Assessments
    • Specific Automation Assessments, General Performance Improvement Initiatives
    • Application Upgrades or Implementations
  • Post-Acquisition
    • RPA Suitability Assessment
      • Light Benchmarking
      • Census Assessment
      • General Diligence Activities
      • Business Process Reviews
      • Applications Health Assessment
      • Full Benchmarking
      • Process Workshops
      • RPA Suitability Modeling
      • Direct Process Observations
      • Reporting Gaps/Timing issues
    • RPA Pilot / POC
      • Process Selection
      • Automation Requirements
      • A&M Bot Cloud Provisioning
      • Architecture and Solution Design
      • Bot Development
      • Testing and QA
      • POC Micro Rollouts
      • Expand or Scale Pilot
    • Implementation Advisory
      • Standup PMO and Governance
      • Tool Confirmation or Selection
      • Expansion to Additional Processes
      • Implementation Plan
      • Automation at Scale
      • Org Redesign
      • Resource Re-assignment / Re-allocation
      • Scale Program
      • Benefits Tracking

Case Study

Case Study



Online Consumer Services (Genealogy)


  • Product development, IT operations, contact center, and G&A improvements covering product development, IT operations, contact center, and G&A improvements



EBITDA Improvement


Capital Expense Reduction

The definition of opportunity in professional services is growth. And PEPI has been on an incredible arc. We have really matured as a practice, with the structure, the training & routing in place to allow people to really perform at their highest level.

Jeffrey Klein

Managing Director