Alvarez and Marsal

Publish Date

Jun 10, 2021

Real Estate: An Alternative Investment Through Market Cycles – Part 1

Hunt Holsomback, Managing Director

Service / Industry: Real Estate

In this three part series, “Real Estate: An Alternative Investment Through Market Cycles,” A&M Real Estate Advisory Services team members, Hunt Holsomback (Managing Director) and Hameer Vaid (Senior Director), discuss real estate as an alternative investment asset class and the impact on this asset class over time withstanding different market cycles (currently through COVID-19 and its recovery).

In part one, we discuss events-driven disruption in real estate, our point of view on a thematic framework that remained consistent throughout events, and how real estate investing strategies shifted over time. This framework supports how real estate investors and managers have typically managed their assets through different market cycles.

Additionally, we discuss the impact COVID-19 had on U.S. multifamily and hotel sectors of real estate as well as our perspective on recovery within these sectors. A&M Real Estate Advisory has supported its clients through strategies across strategic acquisition, carve-out, distressed disposition, and operational efficiencies during the COVID-19 crisis. As a trusted advisor, we’ve supported client partners through both bull and bear market cycles by providing deep expertise across real estate investment strategy, financing, merger and acquisition, diligence and restructuring, holding period, and through strategic disposition.


Hunt Holsomback

Hunt Holsomback is a Managing Director with Alvarez & Marsal Private Equity Performance Improvement service and leads the practice’s Corporate Real Estate and Performance Improvement services. Mr. Holsomback has a 25-year history of providing value enhancing advisory services to real estate investors, lenders, developers, operators and occupants.